Driving Manoeuvres

For your driving test you will be assured to complete a Manoeuvre exercise. There is a total of 4, where you will have to demonstrate effective all-round observations, control and accuracy.

Forward Bay Parking

You will be taken to a car park and the examiner will ask you to drive forward into a car parking space to the left it the right of your choice. Also remember that you should correct your vehicle if you feel that you are not within the lines, airways using effective observations and control. Once you have completed the manoeuvre, you will be required to reverse out using effective observations and control.

Forward Bay Parking to the Reft

Forward Bay Parking to the Right

Reverse Bay Parking 

On your driving test, the examiner could ask you to reverse into a car parking bay. You can pick any bay to the left or the right. Throughout the Manoeuvres you will be expected to demonstrate full control of the vehicle and effective observations of your surroundings. Also remember that you should correct you position if you are not in the space.

Reverse Bay Parking (5 Line Method)

Reverse Bay Parking Like A Pro

Parallel Parking

The dreaded parallel park manoeuvre is no longer! With these ready reference points you will sail into the correct position with ease. Your examiner will nominate a single vehicle for you to use. You will be expected to pull up next to the vehicle and then reverse park behind and complete the exercise within 2 car lengths behind the nominated vehicle including the length of your vehicle.

Parallel parking